I walked in to the Rolling Stones cover photo shoot to find my worst nightmares standing next to Philippe, the photographer.

 “Both?  You want to put the Vampire Slayer on the cover of Rolling Stones with two vampires? Unless I get to stake them, they are not going to be in the shoot,” there, I told them.  Yeah, like a five foot, two and a half inch, blonde chic was intimidating.

 “Uhh,” Philippe said, looking between me and the vampires.
 “Ugh!”  I yelled, stepping into a room that had my name sticky noted to the door.  

 A pretty dress hung on a rack, so I jerked it off and put it on, roughly.  I stood in front of the mirror, trying to calm down. 
If only they knew.  I was a disgrace to my kind.  Things like this only made being a caring half fairy worse. 

 But I had to rise above.  It was a new generation.  Fairies had to accept the change.

 My flushed face started to return to normal after my pep talk to myself.  I admired the dress.  It was just above the knees, so when I pulled my arms up, you could see my leg strap and knife.  It fluffed to the waist then buttoned up to the breast, one button unbuttoned at the top, black with pink border and Eva in pink on the left breast.

 I stepped out and every eye in the joint came to rest on me, my fairy lust evident. 

Eva Heart, Vampire Slayer

 Philippe cleared his through, and was the first to speak, “I’m sorry, but we took a vote.  The handsome vampires stay.”

 “Fine,” I forced a smile and went to stand next to the vampires.  They did look stunning in their black Oxford suits opened showing black shirts with Eva in pink across the front.

 “At least we're not naked and covered in blood,” Logan whispered.

 I burst out laughing. 

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