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Volume 3, Logan Black

I went through my schedule.  School started Tuesday, how convenient that I get better right before the new year.  My senior year, and I didn’t get to spend it with my friends.  They probably thought I was dead.  I wondered what was told of my disappearance. 

“So, how are you planning to get to school?”  Logan asked.

I thought that an odd question.  “The bus?”  I said, shrugging my shoulders.

Logan snorted.  “Not if you live under this roof.”

Like we were too good for the bus.  I made a face, “I’m sorry, I forgot to pack my Roice,” I said jokingly.  Logan sat up, unexpectedly and I fell backwards onto the couch.  “Hey!”

“Follow me,” Logan said starting down the hall.  A steady jog later, I was behind him.  I followed down some steps to a basement looking room.  Logan hit a light switch and halogens lit up for miles over a car. 

“Oh my…” I said under my breath.

Logan grinned.  “Pick one.” 

I turned to him open mouthed.  “I can’t.  They’re too pretty.”

Logan rolled his eyes.  “They’re just cars,” he said as if referring to the weather.

I looked at him, wide-eyed.  “They are not ‘just cars’.  They are works of art,”  I insisted.

“When you’ve seen the first car ever made roll out onto the road, they become just cars,” Logan said with a hint of mockery in his voice. 

Whatever!  I laid across the deep red, Chevy Camaro.  “I love you,” I said to the car.  I heard Logan snicker behind me. 

“So this one, I’m guessing?”  he asked.

I nodded yes with my head still on the hood.  Logan handed me a set of keys and I grabbed them over my shoulder, rolling my eyes.  “Thank you vampire,” I said as genuinely as I could.  

Exert from book:

“I can’t figure this stupid thing out,” Jack said as he walked around the screen fiddling with his tie.  He looked up at me and stopped. That split second was quite intense but I had to break it this time.  I averted my eyes to his tie and went over to help him.  He just stared at me while I fixed the mess.  

“Where did you learn how to do that,” Jack asked softly.  I had a flash of tying John's tie in his room, then tossed it aside.

  “You don’t want to know,” I said.

  “Hooking?  Yeah, I can see the need,”  Jack said all seriously.  

  “Yeah, one of the tricks I turned had a tie tying fetish, so you know, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do,” I shot back giving him a small smile.

Eva Heart, Vampire Slayer

An Eva Heart, Vampire Slayer Novel Volume 1 Rock Star! by Amy Schmidt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Jack Stark is my best friend. I have always felt he was more somehow, like a part of me, but because of that I had always kept him at a safe distance from my continued existence. It wouldn't be fair for the one person I truly loved to be stuck in this his only life with me.

So, I should have been more prepared when he told me he was getting married, but hey, I am still half human.